Hawk's Landing

Book Clubs

A Definitive Ranking of Hawk's Landing's Best Literary Gatherings

(Curated Monthly)



"The Book Club"

Lead By: Margaret "Maggie" Harrison

You heard that right, folks. Maggie Harrison's Book Club wins the widely-coveted Golden Bookmark yet again. For those new to the local literary scene, this is the Book Club's third consecutive year as the Golden Bookmark winner. 

Despite the Book Club's resounding popularity, little is known about the book selections and discussion practices of this highly exclusive group. Members include the best and brightest of Hawk's Landing's intellectual elite, with a thorough application and screening process conducted on each of its members.

Admission into the Book Club is selective. Prospective members can contact Maggie Harrison at mgharrison@cgnu.edu. Serious Inquiries Only.



Read Between the Wines

Lead By: Denise Carroll

This club has quickly risen its way through the ranks of Hawk's Landing Book Clubs, shooting up to #2 after a slow start, spending its first several months as a steady #9. Grab a seat, pour yourself a glass of chardonnay, and enjoy a classy chat about the hottest new titles. Wine and charcuterie provided.


To join, or to learn more, visit:




Chapter Chat

Lead By: Friends of the Hawk's Landing Public Library

Your favorite local library and mine meets bi-weekly to discuss their favorite works, from new releases to underappreciated classics. Broaden your horizons and meet new friends in the process. All are welcome.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Hawk's Landing Public Library. Check www.hawkslandingpubliclibrary/org/calendar for upcoming dates and book selections.

Runners Up:

#4. As the Page Turns  -  contact Irna at ladyhawk@bmail.com

#5. Same Page  -  www.meetbook.com/groups/SamePage

#6. Fiction Fiends  -  www.fictionfiendsbookclub.mysite.trix.net

#7. Readers Rendezvous  -  contact Miss Fairweather at info@hldayschool.com

#8. Early Bird Gets the Bookworm  -  more info at www.hawksnestseniorcenter.org/early-birds

#9. Flaming Desire Romance Readers  -  contact Priscilla at flamingdesirebookclub@hotmail.com

#10. Fiction Addiction  -  more info at www.hawkslandingtown.gov/index.php/departments/parks-recreation/book-club

#11. The Book Worms  -  www.meetbook.com/groups/BookWormsAndBuddies

#12. Pandora's Books  -  www.meetbook.com/groups/PandorasBooks